A special invitation for Community Leaders who are here to radically change the world

Are You One of the 1000 Suns

Who Can Light Another 1000 Suns?

Yanik Silver

Hi, I'm Yanik Silver and I'm going to ask you a somewhat odd question…

It’s either going to make absolutely zero sense and leave you scratching your head… 

or literally give you goosebumps...

Are You One of 1,000 Suns

Who Can Light Another 1,000 Suns?

When you see this message does something deep within you resonate?

Perhaps you feel a calling…

Perhaps you see a vision…

If so, then you're ready.

Because you are a Community Leader and I’m looking for you.

Or more accurately, the Universe is looking for you.

Because I believe the Universe is waiting to co-conspire with you to make a positive impact... and will meet you more than half way.

Are you one of these 1000 Suns?

Together We Can Raise Consciousness

While having fun along the way ;-)


  • Purpose (fully): You’re here to raise consciousness and accelerate The Great Shift

  • Play (fully): You’re here for serious impact… without taking yourself too seriously

  • Profit (fully): It’s not about how many followers you have, it’s about how many leaders you create... your leverage is through the leverage of those you serve… and they will naturally send even more dream referrals your way

What made you an outsider in the old world...

Has prepared you to be a powerful leader in the new world

Frequenty Asked Questions

1. Do I need to have my community in a specific niche or industry for this to work?


Some of our Suns will be working in specific industries, professions or marketplaces.

Some of our Suns will have built communities already, based around their brand and mission.

Or some of our Suns may be starting from an initial cause or impact goal first, and then they will attract the suns who stand with them. 

Everyone will be at different levels of gathering.

Ultimately, wherever you are coming from based on your unique brilliance, background, and vision is exactly perfect.

2. Do I need to have a massive mission like ‘end world hunger’ or be a human rights activist to do this?

Yes and no. In fact, sometimes the biggest ripples of impact start from tiny seeds. When you’re fully aligned with your head, heart and higher purpose you can’t help but have a great impact: To me the answer to all the global issues is easy…

Let’s gather the right people who have the leverage to make something better and build a new world that works for everybody.And perhaps let’s even incentivize them a bit through some fun competition.(As you can imagine I’ve got some ideas for that too!) Then let’s inspire each other, nudge and instigate others in their industries or colleagues who can see there’s a better way forward because of being part of your group or network.

Because it’s not about business as usual anymore. In fact, that’s a dying game and it’s time to create a new game that’s worth winning for everyone.The World is Seeing Unprecedented Crises on a Global LevelEconomic, environmental, potential species collapse, human rights, education, health, social justice and so much more. 

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Because underneath those major issues,  we're experiencing things like discrimination, pay-grade gaps, and poverty.Entrepreneurs and business leaders are the ones who can make these changes. ….And there’s good news. I truly believe that every single one of the problems the world faces has an exact solution. What if we could impact all 8 billion people on the planet?

Some would say that's impossible. And I'll admit…I can't conceive of a direct way to reach all 8 Billion people in the world… However, I can envision how the leveraged ripples of impact that a 1,000 suns (like you) lighting another 1,000 suns (and even beyond that) could positively change the world in massive ways.

And that’s what I’ve been dreaming of and downloading for 10+ years--creating ripples of impact that spread far and wide--starting with a small community of 1,000 entrepreneurs and cosmic co-conspirators who are ready to create leveraged impact in their business. 

It starts with 1,000 suns. It starts with you.

3. What if I can’t make it LIVE?

The only part you will need to attend live is the Activation Ceremony for Module 1 because of the experience. The other sessions are fine to watch the recording. (However, it’s strongly recommended that you attend live!)

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